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Wilson's Fourteen Points:

1. No more secret agreements ("Open covenants openly arrived at").

2. Free navigation of all seas.

3. An end to all economic barriers between countries.

4. Countries to reduce weapon numbers.

5. All decisions regarding the colonies should be impartial

6. The German Army is to be removed from Russia. Russia should be left to develop her own political set-up.

7. Belgium should be independent like before the war.

8. France should be fully liberated and allowed to recover Alsace-Lorraine

9. All Italians are to be allowed to live in Italy. Italy's borders are to "along

clearly recognisable lines of nationality."

10. Self-determination should be allowed for all those living in Austria-Hungary.

11. Self-determination and guarantees of independence should be allowed for the Balkan states.

12. The Turkish people should be governed by the Turkish government. Non-Turks in the old Turkish Empire should govern themselves.

13. An independent Poland should be created which should have access to the sea.

14. A League of Nations should be set up to guarantee the political and territorial independence of all states.

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Q: 14 points of President Wilson
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how many promises were fulfilled in president wilson's 14 points?

Who made the 14 points?

President Woodrow Wilson.

What were president Wilson's goals for the postwar settlement called?

President Wilson's goals for a postwar settlement were called the Fourteen Points. Woodrow Wilson was President from 1913 to 1921.

How was the Wilson's 14 points involved in world war 1?

The 14 points of the Versailles Treaty were NOT President Wilson's 14 points they were created by many countries, mainly France, to punish Germany. Wilson's agenda was the League of Nations.

Did President Wilson write the Treaty of Versailles?

The 14 points of the Treaty of Versaiiles was not President Wilson's points They were were written by a group of people. Read the link below.

Which presidents peace plans were known as the 14 points?

It was President Wilson.

President Wilson's plan for peace in World War 1?

14 points

President Wilson attempted to forge a peace treaty by developing what?

Plan of a 14 points

Who was us president who came up with a peace plan called Fourteen Points?

Woodrow Wilson is the one known for his 14 points.

What did president Woodrow Wilson called his plan for world peace?

14 peace points

Who made changes to Wilson's 14 points?

the cuban missile crisis, it was when the cubans really didnt know or like the 14 points, president wilson allowed them to change it before it was really made

Who was the president of the us during ww1 and proposed 14 points for the treaty that ended the war?

President Woodrow Wilson.