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Q: 1676 leader of landless rebels
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Who was the leader of the Filipino rebels?

Emilio Aguinaldo was the leader of the Filipino rebels.

Who was the leader of the rebels?

President Coin

Sentence with rebels?

The rebels fought on even though their leader had been wounded in the battle.

Who was the leader of the rebels who declared California an independent republic?

Fremont played a huge part in the revolt of california.

What movie did Marlon Brando lead the Black Rebels in?

Marlon Brando was the motorcyle gang leader in the movie The Wild One. Brando played Johnny Strabler, the leader of the Black Rebels Motorcycle Club.

Who was landless laborer?

landless laborer?

Is landless an adjective?

Yes, the word 'landless' is an adjective.

Who is Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi?

Leader of the Al Qaeda´s rebels in Libya

Who was the German army leader who refused to fire upon the freikorps rebels?

Von Seeckt

When was Juan the Landless created?

Juan the Landless was created in 1975.

How do you write 1676 in roman numerals?

It is: 1676 = MDCLXXVI

What happened to jamestowns settlement?

The townsite was deserted after rebel colonists under the leadership of Nathaniel Bacon burned Jamestown in 1676. The rebels accused Governor William Berkeley of having failed to protect them from Indian raids.