1st president of the US

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: 1st president of the US
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Which us president was the 1ST vice president but then became president?

John Adams

Who is the 1st US president?

George Washington

How do you know that obama is not the first president of the US?

the 1st president was George Washington

When Washington become 1st president of us?


Who was the 1st elected president of us?

George Washington

What President had Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State?

George Washington, the 1st US President, had Thomas Jefferson in his cabinet as the 1st Secretary of State.

Who was the 1st president of the US during the 21st century?

Bill Clinton was the president when the 21st century began.

Who was the 1st us president to visit a foreign country?

maddi auvil

What is the county that shares the name of your 1st US president?

Washington was the first US president, so anything that shares that name would have to be Washington as well.

Name of the fist persdent of the us?

The first president of the United States was George Washington.

Was Abraham Lincoln the 1st president in the US?

no, he was the 16th. George Washington was the first.

When was George Washington elected 1st president of the us?

April 30 1789