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can i have a examples of confederation

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Q: 2 examples of a confederation
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What are the examples for articles of confederation?

what is an example of the articles of confederation?

How many constitutions were there?

2 Articles of Confederation and The Constitution. The reason for 2 was because Articles of Confederation gave the government no power.

Artice 2 of the confederation is important because it?

Article 2 of the confederation is very important because it made the union of the thirteen colonies legal.

Why Ontario should not join the Confederation?

1. Ontario did not exist prior to Confederation. Therefore it could not have "joined" Confederation. 2. Confederation occurred almost 150 years ago. It is a little late to be discussing such a question.

What are 2 powers withheld by the Articles of Confederation?


What are 2 examples of a?

2 Examples are _________ &

What 2 provinces joined confederation in 1905?

Alberta and saskatchewanSaskatchewan

Explain the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and how they led to the Critical Period in Early America?

Because of weakness the confederation had and the part of world war 2

What are 2 examples of 2 chemical properties?

What are 2 examples of a Chemical Properties

Under what document were the American colonies loosely bound during the revolutionary war?

"Articles of Confederation" OR "confederation" or "the Articles of Confederation"

What is a loose union of independent states?

A confederation is a loose union of independent states where the central government is able to act only in limited powers. This is how the United States functioned under the Articles of Confederation.

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