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Constitutional Convention mainly suffered the three-Fifths Compromise. Competing interests were state's slaves, Presidential electors, and direct taxes.

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Q: 5-What were the compromises at the Constitutional Convention What competing interests were at stake?
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What is reconciliation of the interests of the large and small states at the Constitutional Convention is referred to as?

Great Compromise

James Madison believed that in the Constitutional Convention the greatest conflict of interests was between?

catholic and protestants

What is the Constitutional Convention of the Virgin Islands?

A complete failure! Torpedoed by racism and self interests of a few delegates.

An important challenge facing the Constitutional Convention was how to balance the?

needs of eastern and western states <--WRONG to balance the interests of large and small states <--CORRECT

The plan presented at the constitutional convention of 1787 that represented the interests of the larger states?

The Virginia Plan is the plan presented by the larger states at the constitutional convention of 1787. It recommended a consolidated national government. Theories from the following philosophers were used in this plan: John Locke, Montesquieu, and Edward Coke.

Factors leading to the Constitutional Convention?

The Constitutional Convention was proposed by the Annapolis Convention, which concluded that it could not solve the economic problems on its agenda without revising the Articles of Confederation. Shays's Rebellion then provided a dramatic example of the dangers that could arise from the impotence of the Federal Government.

The American constitutional convention of 1787 was dominated by?

men having large property holdings or commercial interests.

Why were the states upset with the constitutional covention?

The colonies were not upset with the Constitutional Convention. That said, they had to hammer out issues of states' rights versus the rights of the new central government, which meant taking into account the interests of various economies. The economies of the northern colonies were based more on industry and those of the sourhtern colonies on agriculture.

How did the delegates to the Constitution Convention balance the power of the state and national governments?

In order balance the competing claims of local self-government district interests and national authority, the Constitution assigns certain functions to the federal government and leaves all others to the state.

How did two compromise reached during the constitutional convention satisfy competing groups?


How the great compromises represented the interests of those who wanted a strong national government and those who wanted to have a strong voice?

During the Constitutional Convention of 1787, an agreement was reached to blend the proposals of larger states and smaller states regarding their congressional apportionment. The House of Representations was to be proportional to state population and the Senate would have equal representation for each state.

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