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i know three forms of municipal government and they are mayor-council,

commission forms, and council manager form.

if you happen to know two more forms plz tell me as soon as possible

thank you and regards.

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Q: 5 forms of municipal government
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What are three main forms of municipal government?


What are the three basic forms of government?

municipal government "direct" form and "representational" form

What are the chief forms of municipal government in Illinois?

Current Illinois law recognizes two forms of municipal government: a city and a village. Prior to 1872 a third form was recognized: an incorporated town. There are 20 remaining incorporated towns which were incorporated prior to 1872 and are permitted to retain that form of government.

What has the author Frank Kenneth Gibson written?

Frank Kenneth Gibson has written: 'Forms of city government in Georgia' -- subject(s): Municipal government

What has the author Sharda Basrao written?

Sharda Basrao has written: 'Municipal government in Rajasthan' -- subject(s): Municipal finance, Municipal government

Where does a municipal government meet?

A municipal government meets at City Hall.

Who is the municipal level government in Canada?

Each city has it's own municipal government. They are all different.

Who is the head of the municipal level of government?

In most cases, the head of a municipal government is the position called "mayor".

Is a Municipal Government is a State Government?


What do you call local government C?

municipal government.

What is the definition of the word municipal?

The word municipal refers to aspects, operations, or government of a city or town (a municipality).Examples : municipal tax, municipal hall, municipal limits

Where do you find a municipal government?

Most countries on Earth have municipal-level governments.