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Q: 8 How have the court decisions defined the constitutions and the civil liberties of American citizens?
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What is the Constitution's Bill of Rights most concerned with?

the personal liberties of American citizens

Who believe additional protections in the constitutions would further secure the rights and liberties of citizens?

all anti federalist and some federalist

What the constitution bill of rights most concerned?

the personal liberties of american citizens

Which of the constitution is most directly related to the preservation of the personal liberties of American citizens?

The bill of rights

What is the name of the group that insists the government respect the rights of American citizens?

The American Civil Liberties Union ("ACLU") is one.

What characteristic of most state constitutions created during the American revolution strongly influenced the ideas behind he American government?

Most state constitutions had rules to protect the rights of citizens or those accused of crimes.

Which of these parts of the US Constitution contains fundamental liberties of American citizens?

(bill of rights)

Which amendment lists almost all of your civil liberties?

The fourteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution lists almost all of the civil liberties provided to American citizens. These liberties were applied to every state government through the incorporation process.

Which document addresses the freedoms and liberties that all American citizens should share equally?

declaration of independence

What was the major exception to the relatively good American civil liberties record during World War 2?

American civil liberties were not classifiable as good during WW2. Japanese citizens were sent to internment camps, as well as many German citizens, for the duration of the war. Blacks and women were not granted equal rights under the law. Native American's were not even allowed citizenship.

Whereas civil rights are the rights to equal protection of the law granted to American citizens civil liberties are?

Civil Liberties are the freedoms of speech, press, religion, and petition, along with freedom from arbitrary arrest or prosecution.

Which group wants to protect the civil liberties of citizens?