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answer is: The european middle ages contributing the age

of exploration

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Q: A European explorer would like to launch a voyage to explore the Americas. He borrows money for his voyage from a banker and promises to pay him back with interest. This interaction is an example of w?
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The monroe doctrine declared that the US would?

view european interference in the Americas as a threat to the national interest of the United States.

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Yes, the price at which bonds sell are determined by the interaction of stated rates of interest and market rates of interest.

What was Suriname's colonial ruler?

The European Kingdom of the Netherlands was Suriname's colonial ruler.Specifically, Suriname is located in northern South America whereas the Netherlands is a northern European country. But the Dutch had an interest in participating in the European scramble for trading colonies in Africa, the Americas and Asia. They therefore colonized key parts of the Americas, where they ended up trading their New Amsterdam colony in modern-day New York for the English colony in Suriname.

What was Balboa's purpose?

The general purpose of explorer and colonist Vasco Nunez de Balboa (c. 1475-1519) was to further his own and Spain's national interest through conquest and colonization of portions of the Americas in the early 16th century. The most famous and important portion of his effort was an attempt to locate (and then claim for Spain) the 'South Sea' -- the Pacific Ocean -- which he successfully accomplished in 1513, thereby becoming the first known European to set eyes on the Pacific from across the Americas.

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What sparked European interest in exploration?

The thought about how the world is sparked the European interest.... Their interest then grew. Next thing you know it, They are famous Explorers like Marco Polo and Christerphor Columbus. :)

What was a cause of European interest in goods from Asia.?


What explorer raised interest in the Asian culture?

marco polo s the guy

Who sets interest rates in the European monetary union?

"My mum sets the interest rates." Richard O'Regan.

What country had little interest in Americas other than profits from fishing and fur trapping was?


A historian who studies how and why people migrated from Asia to the Americas is most likely interest in and gt?


What can you conclude about the seven cities of gold?

The seven cities of gold, also known as the Seven Cities of Cibola, were rumored to be wealthy cities in the Americas that sparked the interest of Spanish explorers. The cities were never found, but the legends helped drive exploration and colonization in the New World. Ultimately, the cities proved to be a myth, but they played a significant role in shaping early European perceptions of the Americas.