A bill is

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A bill is actually three possible things. It could be money, or it could be The electric bill for example. It can also be a name or nickname. Hope my answer helped!!

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Q: A bill is
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What is a definition of sun?

bill bill bill bill bill bill

Dimensions of bill?

That depends on what sort of bill you are asking about A $ bill. The bill of a bird etc. A governmental bill. A person called bill. A restaurant bill A bill of fayre etc.

What is the cable bill?

well a bill is a bill. and obviously a cable bill is a bill for cable.

What does a curved bill look like?

It has a bill. It has a curved bill, Its bill is curved.LOL

Does a bill needs to go to a committee before it becomes a law?

Yes. the bill begins, the bill is proposed, the bill is introduced,the bill goes to committee, the bill is reported, the bill is debated, the bill is voted on, the bill is referred to the senat, the bill is sent to the president, the bill is law. Now several things can happen with each step like the bill being veto, and other things

When a committee recommends a bill be approved by the Senate orHouse what bill is it called?

a revewing bill killing bill reporting bill

How many types of bill of lading?

Negotiable Bill of LadingNon Negotiable Bill of LadingMaster Bill of LadingHouse bill of Lading

I am having Youth Parliament at my school and I can't think of a bill I need a list o 30 bills or so Please and thanks?

Some of the bills you can think about is a Sports Bill, Medical Bill, Insurance Bill, Education Bill, Medical Care Bill, Youth Bill, Women Bill, Safety Bill, Transport Bill and the Welfare bill.

Is a doctor bill a utility bill?

No a doctor bill would not be considered a utility bill.

What part of a congress bill explains what is in the bill?

what part of a congres bill xeplanes what is in the bill

What is a us note?

$100 bill, $50 bill, $10 bill or $1 bill

What is Platypus bill?

a platypus's bill is a bill that is on a platypus