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Q: A colonist who the American colonist to be independent of Britain?
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A colonist who wanted the American colonist to be independent of Britain?


Who was a colonist who wanted the American colonies to be independent of Britain?

king falkin johnson

Colonist who favored war against Britain is called what?

A patriot. An American colonist that supported Great Britain was known as a Tory.

What did the colonist write to declare themselves independent from Great Britain?

Declaration of Independence (I think)

What if the colonist had lost the American Revolution?

Britain was going to take over

Why were colonist happy after the Revolutionary War?

The colonist were happy because they won the American Revolution securing their freedom from Britain.

What name was given to American colonist who sided with Great Britain during the American Revolution?


What were the American colonist who chose to remain loyal to great Britain?

Loyalists. They were loyal to the king.

What did the colonist write to declare thensevles independent from great britatin?

The Declaration of Independence is the name of the letter the American colonist sent to England declaring their independence.

What was American revolution about?

the American revolution was all about how America got independent from Britain

Which of these was true about north American colonist held by Britain and France before the french and Indian war?

British colonist had more people, but French colonist held more land.

Did the 1651 trade law called the navigation act prevented American colonist from selling their goods to Britain?

No. It made them trade with Britain.