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Q: A continent that can be divided into 5 regions?
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What continent can be divided into five regions?


How many regions in Asia?

Asia is divided into 5 regions.

How can there be one Asia if Asia is divided into five regions?

Asia is a continent. Within Asia, like any continent, there are regions. They are informal regions, not specific ones, just as a way easily referring to different parts of what is the largest continent.

Do America have an regions?

Yes. It is divided into 5 regions.

What continent has 5 world regions?


In what four regions can the continent of Africa be divied?

Africa can be divided into the following regions: Northern, Eastern, Southern, Western and Central.Africa can be divided into the following regions: Northern, Eastern, Southern, Western and Central.West, Central, Northern, southern

How many distinct regions make up the continent of Africa?


How many regions is Asia divided into?

Asia is commonly divided into six regions: East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Western Asia (or the Middle East), and Northern Asia.

The study of the continent of north America involves understanding that it?

Can be divided into at least two cultural regions, Anglo America and Latin America

India is divided into how many pincode zones?

India is divided into nine pincode zones based on geographical regions. These zones are further divided into postal circles and regions for effective mail delivery.

Why is Nepal divided into development regions?

Nepal was divided into 5 development regions to form equality all over the country and provide similar facilities all through the country.

How many regions is Africa divided into?

Africa is divided into the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Westerns hemisphere