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A depression in the ground.

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Q: A contour line that forms a closed loop and has small dashes pointing to the inside of the loop represents?
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What is the science definition of a depression contour line?

its a closed loop with dashes inside indicates a depression

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A contour line that forms a closed loop and has small dashes pointing to the inside of the loop represents what?

Hysteresis loops tell about the magnetic properties of a material. E.g. wider loops indicate that the material is magnetically hard (i.e. it retains magnetisation even if the applied field is removed, permanent magnetics have much wider hysteresis loops)whereas thinner loops represent it to be soft (if the magnetic field is removed, the material doens't show any magentism). This is one advantage of hysteresis loops. further, such loops can identify the grain size of a material and much more. hope it answers your question.

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