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A federal grant for states to afford increasing health care facilities would be an example of a

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Q: A federal grant for states to spend on increasing health care facilities would be an example of a?
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What federal agency established standards for contamination with blood or body fluids that must be followed by all health care facilities?


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To read reviews of the Capital Health Plans Mammography facilities in Tallahassee, Florida, one should visit the official Capital Health Plans webpage. One could also try the 'Mammography-facilities' webpage site, for example.

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The rise of investor-owned hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers encouraged many doctors to invest money in these facilities, particularly the ASCs

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malnutrion is function of income ,health access, health education , health facilities

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That the current economic situation has had a negative impact on health care costs?

Layoffs, increasing health care premiums and lost benefits all have a negative impact on health care costs. Other factors include less charitable giving and cuts in state and federal health care funding.

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What is the agency that oversees hospitals?

At the federal level it would be the US Public Health Service. Every state also has their own state agencies that oversee the operation of medical facilities within their state.

What group is most responsible for the rapidly increasing health costs care?

The federal Government, Regulations on health care and pharmaceuticals cost approximately 80% of the price. So subtract 80% of the cost of health care and Pharmaceuticals and you'd be paying what the insurance companies are actually charging to insure you.........

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James W Longest has written: 'A study of deficiencies and differentials in the distribution of mental health resources in facilities' -- subject(s): Community mental health services, Mental health facilities, Mental health services

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