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declare war

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Q: A good example of an expressed power would be the power to?
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Does freedom of speech apply to minors?

No technically freedom of speech does not apply to minors. A good example would be a school censoring a students article in a school news paper which would be perfectly ok to do.

What is a good example of unitary system of government?

An example of unitary is system of government is the United Kingdom. Actually, not anymore. The UK is more of a federal system with a weak state government. A better example is France, which has a very strong unitary system, with a powerful central government, and regional governments which are directly responsible to the national government.

What is a puppet government?

A puppet government is a government that does not have the independence to rule by itself, but is controlled by a foreign power. Vichy France in World War II is a good example.

Why is the veto power a good example of checks and balances?

it allows the president to check the house of representives (HoR) and the senate. Without that, the president would be a puppet. The democratic congress before Obama was elected would have gotten so many more bills passed. Because when Congress makes a law, they send it to the president (for approval). If he doesn't approve, he can veto it, therefore it doesn't become a law UNLESS over 2/3 of Congress voted for the law. See, that is a good example because neither the president (Executive branch!) nor Congress (Legislative branch!) have too much power! :)

What is a good sentence for republic?

subject sentences example

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Niagara Falls is a good example of the power of Waterfalls.

What is the example of thermal power plant?

A good example of a thermal power plant is run that is coal fired.

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manufactories (in which a good water-power is utilized), including tanneries.

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This means to increase the ability to see better. Good example would be to increase magnifying power with a microscope. HD TV is another example but not really medical.

What in an example of solar power?

one good example of solar power is the used of solar panel to gather energy from the sun and uses a motor to convert it into electricity .

What are congresses implied powers?

Implied powers are the authorities that although are not specifically delegated in the constitution are still a power. A good example for an implied power in congress is that the constitution gives Congress the expressed power of providing for a Navy and an Army. But, they also provide for the Air Force. Though this is not listed in the constitution because there were no airplanes during this time, it was implied that Congress should provide for all of the military.

What is a good sentence for parastism?

A flea on a dog would be a good example .:.

What are some examples of implied powers?

Implied powers have allowed the federal government to levy income taxes, conscript armies, and organize a national postal system.

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An example would be --- you win a reward/prize for doing a good job.

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i think a good example would be PUICE

What was a king or queen who held total power called?

That type of government is called an absolute monarchy.

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