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it has both power and authority

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Q: A government holds strict religious control over a country. The country's laws are based on its leaders' interpretation of religious texts and the government uses a violent police force to end protest?
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In which type of dictatorship does a small group of individuals excersise complete control over a countrys government?

An oligarchy

In which type of dictatorship does a small group of individuals exercise complete control over a countrys government?

An oligarchy

What is a government without religious control called?

Secularist Government, Also known as Seperation of Church and State.

What religious leader who took control of Iran's government?

In 1974, it was the Ayotullah Kohemania.

Having a government is a good or bad idea?

Having an effective government that that develops and upholds laws for the benefit of the comunity it rules is a good idea. You have but to look at countrys where government control is loose or unstable to understand that country's in Western Europe for instance are the safest and most comfortable places to to live.

How does a government regulate religion?

A government can regulate religion by enacting laws that restrict or control religious practices, monitoring and overseeing religious institutions, and enforcing penalties for non-compliance. This regulation is often done to uphold social order, protect individual rights, and prevent extremism or discrimination. However, it is essential for governments to balance regulation with respect for freedom of religion and belief.

Why did the Jefferson and Madison believe that Adam's and the federalist were capturing the government from the American people?

Jefferson and Madison supported small government control (and a stricter interpretation of the Constituation), while Adams and the Federalists wanted more government power.

Who was The activist who opened the countrys first birth-control clinic?

Margaret Sanger is the activist who opened United State's first birth-control clinic.

How were Inca government and religious related?

In Inca society, the government and religion were closely intertwined. The ruler, known as the Sapa Inca, was seen as the son of the sun god, Inti, and held both political and religious authority. The Inca government used religious ceremonies and rituals to help maintain power and control over the people.

What is the opposite of a secular state?

A secular state is one that does not allow religion and/or religious considerations to exert any control or influence over the government. The opposite would be a religious state.

Who argued that government control over religious beliefs was a form of tyranny?

In so many words, the framers of the US Constitution spelled that out in the First Amendment. I believe they wanted that amendment included because the Church of England had set a bad example of religious intolerance in Great Britain. Of course times have changed and the UK does not impede religious worship or ideas.

Pilgrims came to america in search of freedom of what?

For religious freedom purposes. The Church of England wanted to control them, much like our government is starting to do.