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Q: A leader decides that his country's citizens should be completely loyal to him. He sends undercover police to observe citizens and arrest anyone who criticizes the government. He also jails reporters?
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What are the purposes of a report?

the purpose of the reporters formula?

What is the singular possessive of president?

The possessive form of the singular noun president is president's.Example: A crowd of reporters met the president's limo.

Why is nellie bly famous?

While Nellie Bly became famous for her trip around the world in 72 days, readers knew her as one of the the first undercover, investigative reporters. Back then, in the late 1880s, this was called "Stunt Journalism," and Nellie did it well. For example, she pretended to be insane and got herself admitted to a mental hospital, where she was able to write about (and reveal) the brutal conditions and the cruelty inflicted upon the patients. Her reporting led to much-needed reforms. She also did other undercover reports about the life of a prostitute, how day laborers were treated, corruption in the free clinic system, etc. It was after she made her name as a courageous investigative reporter that she took on the challenge of going around the world, attempting to beat the mythic Jules Verne story, "Around the World in Eighty Days." Because she was a woman, there was great skepticism as to whether she could succeed. Nellie began her journey in mid November 1889 and completed it, with frequent reports along the way, in late January 1890.

Which amendment made racism illegal?

none, racism is a huge problem in schools, workplaces, public places...etc and there is no law or regulation the prohibits its existance. Racism is simple not illegal. But if it is taken to the right extent it can be combatted. (via. media, news, reporters)The 13th Amendment made SLAVERY illegal.

What were the essential qualities of Wilson's presidential leadership and how did he display them in 1913-1914?

In resolving economic policy issues, he had to manage the conflict between two wings of his party, the agrarian wing led by Bryan and the pro-business wing. With Large Democratic majorities in Congress and a healthy economy, he promptly seized the opportunity to implement his agenda.[56] Wilson experienced early success by implementing his "New Freedom" pledges of antitrust modification, tariff revision, and reform in banking and currency matters. He held the first modern presidential press conference, on March 15, 1913, in which reporters were allowed to ask him questions.(See the related link for a source)

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According to my Government by the People textbook, most reporters are liberal.

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Chile's jailing newspaper reporters who criticized the government. MommaGee

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