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Q: A member of congress who believes that each question should be decided on its merits is a?
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The pay for a member of Congress is decided by who?

Congress decides how much they get paid.

Who is Pennsylvanias congress member?

wrong question theres numerous congress members from Pennsylvania

A member of Congress cannot be arrested for speeding while going to a meeting of Congress.?


Why can only a member of congress introduce a law?

Because he's the member of the congress

Can introduce a bill into Congress?

A Member of Congress

What do congress member's constituents share?

A congress member's constituents are the people he or she is elected to represent. They share a similar location as they all live in the congress member's home district.

Who can introduce a law to Congress?

In a state - any member of the State Legislature. In the Congress - any member of the Representative or Senator.

Who can introduce a bill to be consider in congress?

member of congress

Do you capitalize Members of Congress?

Congress is, member is not.

The federal government's primary law making authority rests with?

The United States Congress combines the House of Representatives and the Senate. Each state gets two Senators and one House member for every district which is decided by population.

Was William Howard Taft a member of congress?

Wm. H. Taft was NEVER a member of the US Congress.

Who is a member of the congress?