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Political parties choose candidates by means of a primary election.

If your cheating on history home work the answer is "direct primary".

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Q: A method that allows party members to choose candidates for office is the?
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Method that allows party members to choose candidates for office is the?

Direct primary

What are the two ways of choosing the candidates?

Parties select their candidates in different ways. In some countries, such as the USA, members and supporters of a party choose its candidates. Now more and more countries are following this method. In other countries like India, top party leaders choose candidates for contesting elections.

A method of nominating candidates for public office in which only registered members of a party can vote is?

A closed-vote primary (restricted to party members)

What does a direct primary mean in politics?

In politics, a direct primary is a method used to select candidates for office where registered party members directly vote for their preferred candidate. This is an alternative to a closed primary where only party delegates or officials have the power to choose a candidate. The direct primary allows for broader participation from party members and increases their influence in candidate selection.

........Is a method that allows user to choose from determined options?

multiple choice? check boxes?

In the method of nominating candidates delegates are chosen by the counties to meet and decide the party's candidates to be put on the ballot what is the method called?

primary election

Which is not a method of nominating candidates?

General election

Method in which voters select candidates for office?

direct primary

What earliest method of nominating candidates for office was the legislative?

caucus :)

What method is most commonly used to nominate candidates?

caucus system

What is the most recently developed method of selecting candidates for office is?

Direct primary.

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