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The Middle Kingdom

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Q: A new middle class of artisans and scribes emerged during the what?
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What new middle class of artisans and scribes emerged during what?

The Middle Kingdom

What new middle classof artisans and scribes emerged?

The Middle Kingdom

When did the new middle class of artisans and sribes emerge?

During the Middle Kingdom era, the middle class of artisans and scribes emerged. These people did not own estates and often lived and worked in towns.

What class did artisans and scribes belong to in ancient Egypt?

artisans and scribes belonged to the upper middle-class in ancient Egypt.

What were the people in Egypt's middle class?

They were the Traders, Artisans, Shopkeepers, and Scribes

What type of people made up egypts middle class?

scribes, artisans, and merchants

What social class emerged with the growth of trade during the middle ages?

A middle class

Who was in the middle class in ancient Egypt?

merchants, artists, less rich citizens, scribes, gold makers, priests, priestesses, potters and woman and children.

Was social mobility likely for scribes during the Old and Middle Kingdom eras?


What were the social and economic classes that emerged in the countryside during the tang and song Eras?

At the top of the system were the gentry of upper class individuals. Then followed the middle class citizens, who were merchants, shopkeepers, skilled artisans, minor officials, etc. Lastly, at the bottom of society were laborers, soldiers, and servants.

What group of people were in the middle class of sumerian society?

The Sumerian middle class was made up of artisans, merchants and scribes. Since Sumerians acquired most of their wealth through trade, artisans and merchants had the ability to sell their wares to many who traveled to their land to trade. The collection of taxes was obviously very important and many scribes were employed by the government to keep careful records of these transactions.

Artisans and merchants during the middle ages joined what to provide education and control prices?

They joined the guilds.