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Q: A paragraph that tells why the founding fathers adopted the new constitution?
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What were the founding fathers that participated in the creation of the constitution?

Jefferson and Madison were the founding fathers that participated in the creation of the constitution.

Who found the US Constitution?

founding fathers

Where does the government get its powers from?

The Goverment Gets It's Power From "We The People". I Hope This Helped You!

Who was responsible for getting the constitution passed?

The founding fathers (John Adams, George Washington, etc).

The founding fathers did not want the constitution to be amended?

False, the founding fathers provided for an unseen future they could not predict by allowing the constitution to be amended in specific circumstances.

What can you say to the founding fathers?

Thank you for making the constitution

What else did the founding fathers do?

i think they rewrite the constitution

What race did you have to be to vote on the constitution with the founding fathers?


The writer of the constitution are often referred to as the founding?


Who is Edmond Randolph?

he is one of the founding fathers of the constitution

What were the People called who suported the constitution?

The founding fathers

What do you call the people who wrote the constitution?

The founding fathers.