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a person who design the inner setting of a house or an office

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Q: A person who designs the inner setting of a house or an office?
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What is a person who designs plans for a house called?

an interior decorator

What is the setting in the book Theodore lawyer kid lawyer?

mainly the court house and his dad's office

Where i can find a Chinese design of a house?

If you are looking for Chinese house designs, then you should go online to the website Architecture Art Designs, which contain many different house designs as well as Chinese designs.

What are a Zero carbon house designs?

Zero-carbon house designs refer to architectural, construction and engineering designs intended to lower down carbon emissions. These designs are also known as sustainable designs.

Where can designs be made for a house?

Designs for a house can be made with architectural software. You can do this yourself at home or hire an architect to draw up designs for you. Some premade designs are available on the internet as well.

What is a person who designs houses?

A person who designs houses is often called an architect.

What if the vice president dies in office?

The next person in line is the Speaker of the House.

Who must be 25 years old to run for office?

A person who runs for the House.

What is the constituency of a member of the house of representatives?

The body of citizens who have elected the person to his/her office.

Who must be 25 years old to hold this office?

A person who runs for the House.

How many times may person run for office in the House of Representatives?

No Limit

Is designs a verb?

yes, in simple present. e.g. He designs the house