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To the Gods

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Q: A pharaohs duty was to build temples to the?
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What did the pharaohs build to record their deeds?

temples and pyramids.

Why did the pharaohs build great temples and pyramids in acint Egypt?

Pharaohs built great temples and pyramids so when past they would have a place to lay rest or be remembered by.

Why did pharaohs build big temples?

so people could know how great they were compared to the others...

What was a pharaohs duty?

A Pharaohs duty was to serve his people, to protect them and do his best.

Do ancient Egyptian pharaohs live in temples?

no temples are like burial tombs

Why did the pharaohs own temples?

can someone help me on this

Whose duty it was to do these jobs build temples lead the army and enforce laws?

the government but at the time were called kings

What was the two ways the Egyptians decorated their temples?

One way that the Egyptians decorated their temples was with pictures of pharaohs and Hieroglyphics.

What are the pharaohs beliefs?

The ancient Egyptians believed that the pharaohs became divine after death. Different pharaohs were devoted to different deities during their lifetimes, as evidenced by the temples they built.

Why did Aztecs build temples and what were they used for?

temples for offerings

What did the Aztecs build?

The Aztecs Built Temples.

What was a pharaohs most important duty?

Looking after Egypt