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A proposed law in Congress is called a bill.

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Q: A proposed law in congress is called?
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A law that has been proposed by congress but not yet passed is what?

Proposed laws are called bills. If a bill is passed, it may become a law, depending on the action taken by the President.

How can a president reject a law proposed by congress?

By a veto

Who are amendments proposed by?

Amendments are proposed by a two-thirds vote from Congress. An amendment can also be proposed by a convention called by Congress, if two-thirds of the states request it.

What is a law called when it is introduced to Congress?

a law is called a bill when it is introduced to congress

What is the term for when the president rejects a law passed by Congress?

Presidential rejection of a proposed law or bill is called a veto.

What is a piece of legislation proposed by a member of Congress is called?

It is called a Hopper.

Before both houses of congress pass it and the president signs it a proposed law is a?

A bill. At this stage, it's something that is being proposed as being a law, but has not yet met the requirements of becoming a law.

Who are bills written by?

Bills are written by legislation. After they are written, they are the proposed in congress. If the bill passes congress, it is then an official bill or law.

What document proposed that Congress could force a state to obey a national law?

Virginia plan

What is a purposed law?

A proposed law is basically a bill that is currently under review by legislation. Once it passes through congress, it officially becomes a law.

How can a law passed by the Congress become law without the signature of the President?

If the president vetoes a proposed law - his veto may over-ridden by a 2/3 majoority vote of Congress and, thus, become law.

What is a proposed law to raise money called?