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a person from the government

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Q: A representative designated to act for or represent others?
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Who is a person designated to act for another?

A Health Care Surrogate for making medical decisions OR an agent under a Power of Attorney or Durable Power of Attorney OR a court-appointed guardian representative

What is the difference between a delegate and a representative?

In general terms, a delegate is someone who is appointed to represent others or a specific group, such as in a conference or meeting. A representative is someone who is elected to act on behalf of a larger group, such as constituents in a government body like a legislature.

What is the suffix meaning of delegate?

Any one sent and empowered to act for another; one deputed to represent; a chosen deputy; a representative; a commissioner; a vicar., One elected by the people of a territory to represent them in Congress, where he has the right of debating, but not of voting., One sent by any constituency to act as its representative in a convention; as, a delegate to a convention for nominating officers, or for forming or altering a constitution., Sent to act for or represent another; deputed; as, a delegate judge., To send as one's representative; to empower as an ambassador; to send with power to transact business; to commission; to depute; to authorize., To intrust to the care or management of another; to transfer; to assign; to commit.

What is the noun for representative?

The word 'representative' is both a noun and an adjective.The noun representative is a singular, common noun; a word for a person chosen or appointed to act or speak for another or others; agent; delegate; proxy.The adjective representative describes a noun as something typical of a class, group, or body of opinion.

What does it mean for a representative to act as a delegate?


How do you account for the emergence of people who act like others act differently from the others and act like some of the others?

It is likely influenced by individual differences in personality, beliefs, and experiences. People may act differently to express their uniqueness, feel a sense of belonging, or seek attention. Social norms and cultural influences can also play a role in shaping behavior and the way people interact with others.

Who can act as a spokesperson as well as a legal representative?


What was the start of the representative government in the English Colonies?

act of toleration

In the us army Who can act as a spokesperson as well as a legal representative?


What is the authority granted by an electorate to act as its representative called?

Mandate! :D

What are the two types of democracy?

Direct and indirect democracy. There is Direct democracy, which is also called a pure democracy, that exists where the will of the people is translated into public policy (law) directly by the people themselves, in mass meetings. There is also Inderect democracy where a representative is chosen to represent a larger group of people. These select few represent the popular will of the people. ( This is the type of Democracy the US uses)

Who was the Colonial Representative in London who thought the act would be obeyed?

Benjamin Franklin