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Yes They Are The Same! :)

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Q: A republic and a representative democracy are basically the same true or false?
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Ten types of government?

There are only 3 types of governments in the United States of America. Thus being: state government, tribal government, and federal government. The federal government has 3 branches under its government. Which is Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch. But, all of those branches are still under the federal government. Thus being said 4 governments in America is clearly false.

What type of government did Americans set up after the American revolution?

A constitutional republic. The word Democracy never appears in the constitution and as a matter of fact many of the founding fathers actually HATED democracy. This is because democracy states that 51% of the population can take away the rights of the 49. We are a republic, so minority rights are protected (we are all minorities with respect to something -- they were not referring to race or religion when speaking of minority rights). Democracy is a form of tyrany since a "bare" majority can override the will of 49%. It is true that a 'constitutional republic' is a FORM of democracy. But that's like saying the house and senate are the same because they both cast votes. False logic.

True or false The republic was also known as a socialist government?

Yes, a socialist government/state is sometimes also known as a socialist republic.

Can a member of the House of Representatives can sit on as many committees as he or she chooses?

false A+LS baby

The number of congress change every six years true or false?

false it changes every 2 years

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True or false we have a representative form of democracy in the country?


What effect does democracy have on people?

True Democracy empowerment and the slowest Government ever Republic false empowerment

Why is the notion that the us is a democratic nation false?

The U.S. uses a representative democracy(we elect people to make our decisions) which is different than a true/direct democracy which is when EVERYONE votes on an issue.

Did a direct democracy citizens choose a smaller group to make laws?

senatorsIt is called a direct democracy. The USA has is a direct democracy, because we choose a small group of people to make laws for us. (ex. presidents, governors, senators)(Oh and btw ignore the senators answer above this one because while they are right that a senator is in a direct democracy that does, by no means, answer the question asked.)

Is there many direct democracy today?


True or false democracy flourished in medieval society?

false :)

Are federalism and democracy the same thing?


The U.S. trade representative is in charge of the nation's security.?

Jay loco 956 4Bidden Kreations Brownsville Texas

Democracy was unknown in the colony?

Democracy was unknown in the colonies, yes.

The republic of Ireland is part of the united kigndom true or false?

False. Only Northern Ireland is claimed as part of the United Kingdom, but not the Republic of Ireland.

True or false all people in a democracy are expected to have equal abilities?

FALSE. In a democracy, all people are supposed to be on an equal legal footing, but it is not required that they all have the same physical or mental abilities. In fact, to force every person to be physically and mentally equal to each other is the definition of totalitarianism.

Is a democracy a form of government with a king or queen as ruler?