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the right to demand a tax from native Americans is encomienda

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Q: A right to demand a tax from Native Americans granted to sonquistadored?
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What is the right to demand labor or tribute from Native Amercans in a particular area?


What demands caused Revolutionary War?

The British demand for the colonist to pay increasing taxes was a main cause of the Revolutionary War. The colonist demanded representation but it was not granted to them.

What situation led most directly to the passage of the Twenty-Sixth Amendment?

the war in vietnam

What was the American cause during the revolutionary war?

-the Peace of Paris granted land and sovereignty, second, the American economy experienced unsurity and instability, and third, women, African Americans, and Native Americans all experienced a shift in their positions in society.- Because this was a full-scale war, massive quantities of supplies were required by both sides. The demand sent the prices up multiple times, and the continental paper money that had flooded the market was near worthless.- British limitations on American trade were no longer in place, allowing the marine merchant and manufacturing industries to mature unchecked. With the Proclamation Line no longer in existence, agriculture could grow and spread into even more fertile territory.-Women were also affected by the war. Property rights moved a little bit more within reach, as the men left and allowed the women to run the farm, home, or business, and sometimes combinations of the three. In the time following the Revolution, women were granted more than they ever had been in the past.-In the north, the Revolutionary War actually assisted in the freeing of slaves, since many had participated in the Continental Army. The South, of course, viewed slavery as fully necessary to the economy, and was not so willing to spare the free labor as the North was. Some African Americans served with the British in the hopes of obtaining freedom, and opted to leave with them at the conclusion. Many slaves chose to relocate to the British West Indies, and yet others still journied to Canada and Africa.-Native Americans also felt the pressure of change in the post-Revolutionary War time period. Since the Proclamation Line was no longer, white settlers began to flood what had previously been considered Native American territory. This caused conflict and strife with groups such as the Cherokees of the Appalachian Mountains and the Shawnees of Ohio.

Why the demand for vehicles is very high as the petrol rises?

The only demand that will become high when petrol prices rise is the demand for fuel-efficient cars.

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A right to demand a tax from native Americans granted to conquistadores?


What system allowed spanish colonists to demand labor from native Americans?


Were the rights granted to settlers to demand taxes or labor from Indians living on the land?

Yes, in some cases, settlers were granted rights to demand taxes or labor from Native Americans living on the land through legal agreements and treaties that were often unjustly enforced. These actions were part of the broader efforts to colonize and exploit indigenous populations.

How might the spanish have solved the problem of finding a dependable labor supply without the use of slavery?

spanish monarchs granted the conquistadors encomiendas the right to demand labor or tribute from the native americans in a particular area.

What is the term that gave the conquistadors the power to demand taxes and labor from the Native Americans?


In the late 1500s contact between Europeans and Native Americans was most influenced by the increase in demand for?


What word describes the right of settlers from Spain to demand taxes or labor from native Americans living on land?


Why did the US government kill off the buffalo?

Eliminating the buffalo helped defeat the Native Americans. There was a demand for their hides

What word describes the right of settlers from Spain to demand taxes or labor from native Americans living on the land?


What does mission mean in Social Studies?

The right, granted to conquistadors, to demand taxes or labor from Native Americans living on the land.I do not know if this answer is right but I'm pretty sure it isNo, what you described is Encomienda. Missions taught Natives how to read and write in their own languages, and also converted them to Christianity.

How were latinos and Native Americans movement similar?

Both the Latinos and Native Americans were joining together to demand improvements. They wanted equal rights. Latinos formed the UFWOC, United Farm Workers Organizing Commitee, a union that held the grape boycott under Cearsar Chavez, and the La Raza Undia ran Latino candidates. Native Americans formed AIM, American Indian Movement, which had lots of influence.

From which level of government do individual Americans tend to demand the most attention?

Americans tend to demand the most attention from local governments.