A sentence for peasant

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The peasant had a diabolic plan to take over the empire.

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Q: A sentence for peasant
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How do you use peasant in a sentence?

"They have the hard hands of a peasant"

How would you make a sentence with the word peasant?

"He was an uncultured and illiterate peasant."

What is peasant and use it in a sentence?

The word 'peasant' can be utilized as a noun or an adjective. Please access the related link listed below for the definition of 'peasant'. The king' displeasure was obvious to all when he declared, "Be gone, peasant!" The girl was wearing a peasant blouse with harem pants.

Make a sentence using the word peasant?

The peasant worked hard in the fields to provide for his family.

How do you write sentence with peasant?

Peasants does farm-work for the wealthy land owners.

What are the sentence for peasant?

The answer to both questions is in the crisis in feudal society which was the cause of the peasants ' revolt.

How do you use the word cossack in a sentence?

A Cossack is a Russian peasant. An example sentence would be: The Cossack was very pleasant to everyone that knew him.

Scorn in a sentence?

Here is a sentence with the word scornful, "Everyone was scornful of the government laxity to manage crime rates." This means showing contempt.

How can you use the word liege in a sentence?

The peasant bowed before his liege, the king, and begged for forgiveness for stealing the gruel.

What is a sentence for the word thin?

the hungry giant was going to chow down the thin peasant because he felt like

What is a sentence for the word peasants?

The peasants worked in the fields from sunrise to sunset to harvest the crops.

A sentence with tending in it?

I am tending to the garden to ensure the plants receive enough water and sunlight.