A sentence with mission

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The military had a mission to do and invaded the hole location.

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Q: A sentence with mission
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What is a sentence for the word mission?

I'm going on a mission to defeat evil.

Mission in a sentence?

The Blues Brothers were on a mission- a mission from God! Meet me at the old Mission. Neil Armstrong's mission to the moon was an historic event.

What is a sentence for mission?

They had prepared for months for the upcoming mission. Growing the company's profit was his only mission. She was on a mission to win him back.

What is a good sentence for mission?

He looks like he's on a mission. The mission parameters will not allow you to moonwalk, sir.

Can you give a sentence with the word mission?

"We are on a mission from god" - Blues Bros "Our mission is to make our customers content" "What's my mission now?" "In Jamaica the church is called mission"

How do you use the word mission in a sentence?

She prepared diligently for her upcoming mission to Mars.

How do you use the word destroy in a sentence?

It was a search & destroy mission.

Can you give a simple sentence using mission?

we had to abort the mission because one of the transports wreck and blew up in fire.

Cab you give me a sentence for the word futility?

The rescue mission was futile.

Use the word doubtless in a sentence?

It was doubtless that they intended to proceed with their mission.

How do you make sentence with abortive?

One sentence is; Unfortunately, the mission turned out abortive. OR; he made an abortive attempt to include the negotiations.

A sentence about religious settlement?

Religious is about someone and were they came from.