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Q: A state that is not in the America's?
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What is North Americas state bird?

North America is not a state, it is a continent and does not have a state bird.

What is Americas state candy?

Not sure, but when America becomes a state let me know!

Which state is sometimes called americas dairyland?


What state produces Americas toothpick supply?


What state is named after Americas most important river?


What state gets its name from Americas most imortant river?


What is Americas plant?

There is no 'America's plant (as in the United States of America).' There are, however individual 'state plants,' that are the official plant of a state.

What state did Christopher Columbus find?

He did not actually land on a state, but rather in what is now the Dominican Republic.

What is central Americas major recsources?

Money sent from the United State and the export of coffee.

What is Americas 21st state?

Illinois is America's 21st state. It was admitted to the Union December 3, 1818. It was known as the Illinois territory before its admission.

What state is Americas only diamond mine in?

There is no mine at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, but visitors can dig for diamonds and keep whatever they find.

What states do hummingbird moths live in?

There is no state with the hummingbird as its state bird.