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Creation, expansion, and interaction of political systems

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I don’t know

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What are some of the similarities and differences between a parliamentary and presidential democracy?

A: They both are a type of democracy. The people also elect their government leaders, and a presidential democracy is ruled by a president and a parliamentary democracy is ruled by a prime minister. -BrockChloe

What are the differences between the clasics and the moderns Human nature virtue democracy?

The difference between the classical view of democracy and the modern human nature view is that the classical view is limited to election by the majority while the latter also touches of human rights as well.

What are the similarities to Athenian democracy and Canadian democracy?

they just have different countries that is all different countries have different type of democracy you know.

What are the similarities and differences between Turkmenistan government and US governmemnt?

Usa had a federal republic government, but has traces of a democracy. Turkmenistan has a flat out republic. Is it that hard?

What are the similarities between democracy and libertarianism?

everything, libertarianism is democracy and democracy is libertarianism.

Are there similarities between democracy and communism?

There are elections.

Which classical civilization is considered the birthplace of democracy?


What is the similarities in the government of ancient rome and Greece?


What are two differences and two similarities between Athens and Sparta?

Two differences between Athens and Sparta are their forms of government (Athens had a democracy while Sparta had an oligarchy) and their focus on military training (Sparta emphasized military training from a young age while Athens did not). Two similarities are their use of slaves for labor and their belief in the importance of physical fitness.

What differences and similarities do you detect between the spartan and athenian governments?

You must be doing the Athens And Democracy worksheet in the section Points to ponder question 3 I know because Ime doing it too!

What are the three forms of classical government?

Monarchy, Democracy, Communism.

How are differences usually in democracy?

by compromise