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Q: A tightrope walker more easily balances on a tightwire if his pole?
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What part of the brain allows a tightrope walker stay on the tightrope?

the part of the brain that allows a tightrope walker is the cerebellum

What is an old word for Tightrope walker?


Where are you most likely to see a tightrope walker?

you will be most likely to find a tightrope walker in a circuis

What is the definition of equilibrist?

tightrope walker

What is a funambulist?

A funambulist is a tightrope walker.

Who would have a better balance a tightrope walker with a low center of mass or a tightrope walker with high center of mass?

Low! Harder to tip over.

What is another name for a tightrope walker?


Old fashioned term for tightrope walker?


Is the tightrope walker in stable or unstable equilibrium?


Why did the tightrope walker go to the bank?

To check his balence

What is a person who walks a tightrope called?

A person who walks a tightrope is called a tightrope walker or a funambulist. They have exceptional balance and coordination to perform such a daring feat.

How long must they train to be a tightrope walker?

If you were going to be in the curicus to be a tightrope walker, you would train 6-8 years just to have fun you would train for 3-5 years.