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I believe the word you are looking for is satire.

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Q: A type of literature that ridicules something to correct behavior is?
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A type of literature that ridicules something to correct behavior is what?


What is proper social behavior?

This question is too vague...What type of social situation are you referring to? "proper social behavior" would be a manner of behavior accepted as correct by most resonable people.

Is it correct to say 'incited by' something?

You might want to say that a person or an experience influenced your behavior.

How do you spell ridiculously?

That is the correct spelling of "ridicules" (makes fun of). The adjective form of the word is "ridiculous" (absurd, silly).

How do you spell literature?

That is the correct spelling of the word "literature".

What is the correct name for when people react to something like jumping when they sit on a pin without thinking about it?

reflex behavior

How is discipline different from punishment?

Discipline is usually used to correct wrong behavior. Punishment is to stop someone from doing something that they are not supposed to do again.

What does correctivity mean?

Noun - the action or process of changing something wrong into the right thing or form; a change that makes something true or accurate; the act of punishing and changing the behavior of people who have broken the law or rules

What is mannerly?

Socially correct behavior.

She made a cry is correct grammatically?

'She made a cry' is technically correct, though it sounds a bit archaic to an American ear, like something out of 19th century literature. We would normally say 'she cried out' or 'she yelled' instead.

What is the difference between theories and hypothese?

Laws exist in nature and can be discovered. Theories are attempts to explain something (such as the behavior of something in a specific situation) Hypotheses are suggestions which hopefully can be tested and if proved correct could become theory.

How do you spell behaver?

The correct spelling of the word is behavior (activities, or deportment).