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social contract

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Q: A voluntary agreement among individuals to secure their rights and welfare by creating a government and abiding by its rules is called?
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In creating the constitution what ideas did the framers take from the Magna Carta?

-Rule of Law -Basic Rights -Government by agreement or contract

Creating a security agreement?

a League of nations

Can you undo a copyright agreement?

Yes; essentially you'd just be creating an additional agreement that supersedes the first one.

What is the social contract theroy?

The idea of the social contract theory is that individuals consent to the surrender of some of their freedoms when they submit to the authority of a ruler. This submission is in exchange for protection the all rights remaining.

Do you agree with Walker's opinion that there is power in making and creating?

Yes, creating allows individuals to express themselves, influence others, and shape the world around them. Through making and creating, individuals can build meaning, connections, and impact in society.

What is the government's role in creating social care?

i am also asking what is the government role in creating social policy because it is for my assignment

What was the first attempt at creating a global collective security agreement called?

The League of Nations

The alternative for the americas agreement of the early 2000s is primarily aimed at?

The alternative for the americas agreement of the early 2000s is primarily aimed at creating a Latin American Union.

Which was supported by both the fourteen points and the Paris peace conference agreement?

creating the league of nations.

Is creating national parks a power of the state government or the federal?

National Parks are made by the Nation's Government so it is the responsibility of the Federal government. States are responsible for creating State Parks.

How does Washington describe the government?

How did Washington carry out his goal of creating a respected government

Is a verbal rental agreement binding in Virginia?

What you are creating is more of a "Gentleman's Agreement" than a contract. It is not legally binding but depending on the conditions, if both parties trust one another, it could work for a simple room agreement.