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an invisible hand

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Q: According to Adam smith the market was directed by which of these?
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According to Adam Smith the market was directed by?

an invisible hand.

According to Adam Smith the market was directed by who?

According to Adam Smith, the market was directed by an invisible hand. He described it as a natural phenomenon that guides free markets and capitalism through the competition for limited resources.

According to Adam Smith individuals are directed to do those things for which they have a comparative advantage?

self interest

According to Adam smith the market was directed by what?

an invisible hand, which meant that the markets seem to regulate themselves and create their own equilibrium, today this is generally known as price and the law of supply and demand.

Economists associate Adam Smith with a?

Adam Smith is associated with a market economy.

Who was the first person to explain the market economy?

Adam Smith

According to Adam smith how should wages and prices be regulated?

Adam Smith believed that wages and prices should be regulated by the forces of supply and demand in a free market economy. He argued that competition among employers and workers would naturally adjust wages and prices to levels that reflect the true value of goods and services. This concept is known as the invisible hand of the market.

According to adam smith the success of decantralized market economies is primarily due to?

Adam Smith said that the marketing economies was successful because of the pricing. The people are willing to pay for stuff.

The free-market system of capitalism was defended in the book The Wealth of Nations by whom?

Adam Smith wrote the book called the wealth of nations

Who was a Free market philosopher?

One example of a free market philosopher is Adam Smith, known for his work "The Wealth of Nations." Smith advocated for a laissez-faire economic system where individuals pursue their own self-interest, leading to overall societal benefit through the invisible hand of the market.

Who was free market philosopher?

Adam Smith

Whose interest is more important under market economy according to Adam smith?

The wealthy interest is the most important to the success of the market economy.