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The legislatives.

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Q: According to Section 3 of the Constitution who elects senators?
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According to the un-amended Constitution who elects Senators and Representatives?


According to the Constitution who elects the President and Vice President?

The electoral college

How many Senate are there and why?

According to the U.S. Constitution, each state elects two members to the U.S. Senate. So nowadays that means 50 states x 2 = 100.

Who elects United States SENATOR?

Article One of the U.S. Constitution provides that each state, regardless of population, is represented by two senators. The senators from each state are elected by the people of the state.

Who elects senators and representatives?

how are senators and representatives elected

Who elects the senators for the office?

The people " the voters"!!

Who elects Senators today?

by aksing the teacher

How many senators does each state get to elect for congress?

Each state elects 2 senators.

How many US senators are elected by the state2?

Each state elects 2 US senators

. According to the Constitution elects the President.?

According to the Constitution the President of the United States is elected based on the votes cast from each state. Each political party chooses their own candidate to represent them.

Who created the process in which the house of representitaves then elects the president?

It's part of the original U. S. Constitution: Article II, Section 1, Clause 3.

What is a section of a state that elects a representative to Congress?

A district