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According to the US Constitution who is the presiding officer of the senate?

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Q: According to the U.S. Constitution Who is official the president of the senate?
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Who is the current president in the senate?

Under the US Constitution the presiding official of the US Senate in the Vice President. Currently this is VP Joseph Biden.

Who is the official president of the senate'?

The President of the U.S. Senate is the U.S. Vice President, currently Joseph R. Biden. This is stipulated in Article I, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution.

What power is given to the vice president according to article 1 of the constitution?

Article One of the Constitution gives the Vice President power to preside over the Senate.

What official is the president of the senate?

The Vice President is the president of the Senate.

How official is the president of the senate?

The president of the senate is the Vice President.

The official title of each presiding officer is?

The official titles of each presiding officer is: The Senate: Vice President The House of Representatives: Speaker of the House. When the VP is not available, they have a person who is called the President Pro Tempore.

What elected official is the president ofthe senate?

The vice president is the president of the senate.

Who impeaches the official?

According to the constitution, the House of Representatives has the power to impeach federal officials (even the president). The Senate acts as the jury, and (in presidential cases) the Chief Justice acts as the judge.

What official is the president of the president of senate?

the vice president

What official is president of the senate?

Vice President

What official is the president of senate?

Vice President

What action of the President must be approved by the Senate?

The appointment of executive branch official must approved by the Senate. These include cabinet appointments and ambassadors. The US Constitution requires this interaction.