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Additions to the Constitution are called Amendments. The first ten Amendments to the United States Constitution are called the Bill of Rights. There are currently twenty-seven Amendments that have been added to the Constitution.

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Q: Additions to the constitution
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What are Additions meant to improve the Constitution are called?

Amendments. (Read the document. It is worthwhile.)

What are ten additions to the Constitution that specify the rights guaranteed the people of the US?

Bill of Rights

How many "additions / changes" have been made in the current constitution over the years?


Why have there been amendments to the constitution?

It's because our country's necesities change overtime, and as they change, changes and additions and modifications must be made to the Constitution.

What is the basic structure of the constitution?

The basic structure of the Constitution is: The Preamble - states the purpose and the goals of the Constitution The Articles - lay out the specifics for separation of power and rights of each branch of Gov The Amendments - additions to the Constitution

What was the first amendment added to the constitution?

Additions to the constitution are called amendments. The first amendment was :

What are the admentments?

Additions to the Constitution made after its original ratification.

What are changes in the constitutions called?

Changes or additions to the Constitution are called Amendments.

A change or addition to the constitution is called?

Changes or additions to the Constitution are called amendments. The current version of the Constitution has twenty-seven amendments, including the first ten collectively known as the Bill of Rights.

When was Multiply Additions created?

Multiply Additions was created in 2006.

The twenty-seven additions or revisions to the Constitution are known as?

Amendments... My lord, are you a citizen or what? You must have gone to public school, and paid little attention to boot. I apologize for my tone, but come on....

What rhymes with mission?

Ambition, fission, superstition, transition, rendition, condition, constitution.