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They began supporting the Patriots

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Q: After British forces started losing battles in the south how did neutral colonist react?
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How did neutral colonists react after British forces started losing battles in south?

They began supporting the Patriots

What action started the Boston massacre?

British killed five colonist

How did the colonists responded and how did the British responded to thhe colonist?

They started the revolutionary war

How did the Boston soldiers start?

colonist started to throw rocks and snow at the british

How did the American Revolution of 1776 start?

it started cause the british were pushing the Boston colonist too hard. so the Boston colonist decided to rebel.

What incident was the first to alarm the colonists after the French and Indian War?

The British started to tax the colonist

What was the affect of british taxation on the colonist as a whole?

They started to make there own stuff like clothes and water

How did the American colinist resist and reject the British controls?

The American colonist resisted and rejected the British control by one the American colonist had a boycott on the British tea.that made an impact on the brritish because that was the most bought product in british. Two the American colonist had something called the Boston tea party a dumped all the tea that was imported in the sea. And the American colonist stopped drinking tea and started drinking cofee.

How did colonist react to the british advance?

The colonist react strange because if you have a lot of weapon n you are in a battle you cant let people know what kind of weapon you have n where it is located because they might try to sneak up and steal it

What is the war at the sea?

It first started in WWI with the British and German navies. The had constant battles an surprise attacks and Many innocent people died during these battles.

The revoulotionary war is a war that colonist and the britan side fight for freedom because the British made the colonies to pay their taxes. The colonist got angry and they started the revoulotionary?

Is this even a question?

How did neutral colonists react after british forces started losing in the South?

They began supporting the Patriots