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Belgium was one of the earliest adopters of industrialization and can even be said to have been quicker off the mark than Britain itself in some aspects. After that, Germany which was to become the most modern and advanced industrialized nation of all Europe, even by the end of the 19th century.

France is often mentioned third (and if this is an answer for just a homework assignment, you can safely name it) but in reality 'modern' industrialization started there only very late, in the early 20th century. Most industries there until then remained relatively small, local family operations and the French Government - unlike that of Belgium and Britain - did nothing in the way of infrastructure or otherwise to encourage any larger-scale industry.

You could make a good case for Sweden as the real number three, who - although also on a more modest scale than Britain and Belgium - not only embraced industrialization, but also actively modernized its agricultural activities.

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Q: After Great Britain which were the next three European countries to begin to industrialize?
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