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hey this is jameisha arrington im a six grader im asking quesrions about my computer work and dont know how to do it can u help me please thk

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Q: After lexington where did the british go?
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Were did the british go after Lexington?

After Lexington, the British went to Concord, Massachusetts.

Where did British go after they left Lexington?

They went to Concord.

Did british win Lexington and Concord?

Only Lexington!!

What were Paul Revere's challenges?

He had a mission to go to Lexington to warn troops that the British were coming.

What battle did british troops go to seize stockpiles of firearms and gunpowder?

Concord and Lexington

Are the British from Lexington?

No they are not

Who won the Lexington battle?

the british won the lexington battle

Why did the British send troops to Lexington?

to kill the Lexington people

2 Which towns does the British army go through after they leave Boston?


When did colonists and the British troops confront at Lexington?

They confronted the Lexington in 1775

What happend at the battle of Lexington?

the British wanted to take control of lexington

What came first the British marching secretly to Concord or the Battle of Lexington?

The battle of Lexington. Indeed the British troops engaged at Lexington were the same who had to carry on the march to Concord.