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I don't know that's what i want to know

[EDIT:] The British West Indies

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the british west indies

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Q: After the revolutionary war American trade was officially prohibited with?
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After revolution war trade was prohibited with?

After the Revolutionary War, trade was initially prohibited with Britain as part of the ongoing conflict between the two countries. However, this prohibition was eventually lifted and trade resumed, albeit with certain restrictions and regulations in place.

What do you call a trade that is prohibited by law?

Illicit Trade

True or false the American system was an economic plan which prohibited American trade with Britain as long as she continued to enforce her orders against neutral shipping?


When was Revolutionary Trade Unions Federation created?

Revolutionary Trade Unions Federation was created in 1976.

Kind of trade that could not be prohibited before 1808?

slave trade

What is a kind of trade that could not be prohibited by Congress before 1808?

state trade

What kind of trade could not be prohibited by Congress before 1808?

foreign trade

What trade could not be prohibited by Congress prior to 1808?


Why was American trade severely disrupted during the revolutionary war?

The British controlled most of the major seaports during the war. The ports they did not control were blockaded.

What prohibited US trade with Great Britain and France?

The Embargo Act.

How did the revolutionary war lead to eventually American patriotism?

American patriotism came about due to England's refusal to understand that their expectations: taxation without representation, high prices of trade goods, expectation that only England could trade with the colonies - were in excess of what the people could tolerate. The Revolutionary War showed England and the world that the colonies - United States by 1776 - were ready, willing and capable of ruling themselves.

Was slave trade but not slavery prohibited in the District of Columbia?

Yes, the slave trade was indeed prohibited in the District of Columbia in 1850 through the passage of the Compromise of 1850. However, slavery itself remained legal in the District until it was abolished with the passage of the 13th Amendment in 1865.