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No, they were given the right to vote. ...they were legally allowed to vote but in the south some of the polls would throw their vote away if they were black.

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Q: After the smoke had cleared from the Civil War were blacks still denied voting rights?
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What rights outlawed barriers that prevented blacks from casting ballots?

The Voting Rights Act, signed in 1965, overcame the barriers that prevented blacks from voting. The 15th Amendment to the US Constitution denied federal and state governments from preventing citizens from voting but did not go far enough.

How did the fourthteenth amendment give blacks voting rights?

It was not the fourteenth amendment that specifically gave blacks voting rights. It is the 15th. The 14th gave citizenship and citizenship rights.

What was passed to protect voting rights for blacks in the south?


Two rights denied many southern males after the civil war?

Two rights denied many southern males was the right to equality and the right to vote. The white supremacist in the south quickly began to pass laws to prevent blacks from voting and keeping separate from the white majority.

This helped increase the number of blacks who could vote?

Voting Rights Act of 1965 (NovaNET)

Which amendment ensured voting rights for blacks in the South?

15th amendment

What guaranteed the voting rights would not be denied on the basis of race?

fifteenth (XV)

What act passed by congress to protect the voting rights of blacks in the south?

civil rights act 1866

What was the major area where blacks have gained ground since 1960?

Voting Rights

In 1965 this law made it easier for blacks to?

To vote. The Voting Rights Act.

How did poll taxes restrict voting rights?

The blacks couldn't afford the tax

What were some of the basic rights slaves did not have?

Privacy, legally killed, voting, Denied in education