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The president

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Q: Air force 1 is plane used by the holder of what position?
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What is the effort force of a inclined plane?

the force used to push the object up the plane.

What type of plane is used to describe the position of a point?

The Cartesian plane

How do you measure the force for a plane?

The force acting on a plane can be measured by instruments called strain gauges, which detect the deformation (strain) in the plane's structure caused by applied forces. These measurements can be used to calculate the force applied to the plane in various directions. Flight data recorders and load cells are also used to measure forces on a plane during flight and while on the ground.

An inclined plane is an example of what machine?

The inclined plane is a simple machine because it can be used to use less force.

Is a broom a inclined plane and a lever?

A broom can be considered as an inclined plane due to the slanted position of its handle, which allows for easier sweeping. It can also be seen as a first-class lever when used to apply force to pivot around a fulcrum in order to lift debris.

When an inclined plane is used?

a smaller force is exerted over a longer distance.

What is the name of the plane that the president of US used officially?

Air Force One

What happens when an inclined plane is used?

a smaller force is exerted over a longer distance

What is the force used in the taking off of the plane?

The main force used in the takeoff of a plane is thrust generated by the engines. This thrust propels the plane forward and allows it to overcome drag, enabling the wings to generate lift for the plane to become airborne. Additional factors like lift from the wings and rotation of the aircraft also play a role in the takeoff process.

What is a two-sided inclinded plane used to separate a simple machine that converts downward input force into sideways output force?

A wedge is a two-sided inclined plane used to separate objects or materials by converting downward input force into sideways output force. It is commonly used in applications where splitting, cutting, or lifting is required.

Is a subordination agreement a mortgage or a lien?

A subordination agreement is usually used to gain consent from one lien holder to take a junior position to another lien holder. It isn't by itself a mortgage or a lien.

The advantage of using an iclined plane to lift an object is that it reduces the amount of?

force required to lift the object. By increasing the distance over which the force is applied, the inclined plane allows for a smaller force to be exerted to raise the object. The mechanical advantage of an inclined plane makes lifting heavier objects easier.