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Q: All American citizens are protected under the Fourteenth Amendment.?
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Are All American citizens are protected under the Fourteenth Amendment.?


What sources of American citizenship did the Fourteenth Amendment establish?

The Amendment was added as part of the Reconstruction Amendments. The citizenship clause provided African American's the rights and freedoms of citizens.

What were the reasons behind the fourteenth amendment?

To protect the rights of freedmen. The Fourteenth Amendment guaranteed equality under the law for all citizens!

How did the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendment affect the Dred Scott decision?

The Dred Scott decision stated that people of African decent imported to America were not citizens and not protected by the Constitution. The fourteenth and fifteenth amendments nullified that decision.

What did the Fourteenth Amendment accomplish?

It ensured that blacks would be considered citizens.

Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution established equal protection of civil rights to all citizens?

That was the fourteenth amendment.

Which of the following measures declared that all persons born in the US were citizens of the US?

The 14th amendment

How did Jim Crow Laws deprive American citizens of their civil rights?

it violated the fourteenth amendment that granted full citizenship to all white and black men

Which amendment describes rights of citizens representation and the voting and defined the obligation of oath takers and Civil War debts?

The fourteenth amendment (:

What gave citizenship to African-Americans?

The 14th amendment granted citizenship to African American slaves freed by the 13th amendment. The 14th amendment give anyone born or naturalized in the united states are United states Citizens

What requirement was necessary for African Americans to become citizens under the fourteenth amendment?

The requirement that was necessary for African Americans to become citizens undr the fourtheenth amendment was that they had to be born in the U.S.

What did The Fourteenth Amendment Constitution established?

Full rights of citizens, regardless of color