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Most governments can be classified using the following criteria:

1. Who can participate?

2. The geographic distribution of governmental power

3. The relationship between the executive and legislative branches of the government

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Q: All governments can be classified using four different criteria Complete the following chart by first listing the criteria and then identifying which type of government characterizes the United States?
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How government are classified?

Governments are classified by:People in powerScope of authorityExecutive and legislative link

How does the US fit government classifications?

How are governments classified? How does the U.S. government fit into these classifications?

Four criteria governments can be classified as?

The four criteria used to classify a government are who is a regulator, who is a provider, who has power, and who hold restrictions. A monarchy would be classified by asking who has the power?

What characterizes a democratic government?

The separation of powers and free elections are what characterizes the Democratic government. The freedom to choose governments is an important factor in this type of government. Also, an important point is known as freedom of assembly.

What two types of government exist in most counties?

In today's world, the vast majority of national governments are called democratic ones. Other types are called monarchies and some still are classified, or indeed call themselves communist governments. Another type, as the one in Iran is, are a religious government.

What can the us national government be classified as?

The United States Government can be classified as a mixed Government.

In which type of governments does a local governments exist only to assist the central governments?

unitary government

What is the name for a government when power is divided between the federal and state governments?

federal and state governments.

What is the plural form of government?

The plural of government is governments

In which form of government must the local governments follow the direct of the central government?

Federalism is the form of government in which local governments must follow the direction of the central government.

What is the difference between the central governments and state governments?

The central, or federal, government has the highest power. It is the highest level of government. Then there's the state government, then the local government.

Who are local governments created by?

By the local people. State governments can declare a local government to be an incorporated city, for example, but have little to do with its government.