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The 24th Amendment to the US Constitution

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Q: Amendment that gave us the right to vote without paying taxes?
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Which amendment stated no one could be kept from voting for not paying taxes?

It was the Twenty-fourth Amendment that stated people could not be prevented from voting for not paying taxes. It was ratified on January 23, 1964.

What are Non examples of divine right?

paying taxes

States could not use poll taxes to deny a person the right to vote according to which amendment?

The 24th Amendment stated poll taxes could not be used to deny a person the right to vote.

Is paying correct taxes promptly right or duty?


Is paying taxes a civil right?

I think the government considers it a duty.

Is paying taxes a basic civil right?

yes in fact it is Paying taxes is an obligation imposed by the Government and not a right. A right is something that is inalienable and that the government can not take away or control. Rights include freedom of speach, the right to vote, the right not to vote and freedom of religion.

Can you sell car as private person without paying tax?

No. Taxes are mandatory.

How much can you inherit in oregon without paying taxes on it?

It depends on the will and who is inheriting the money. A spouse can receive the entire estate with no taxes.

How much can you make without paying taxes?

how much money can you earn per year, without having to pay taxes, i was told it was approximately $8,000, is that correct?

What do paying taxes and driving on the right side of the road?

they both are responsibility of citizens

When did paying taxes become mandatory in America?

Taxes became mandatory in America in 1913 with the federal income tax. The 16th Amendment of the US Constitution enacted the federal income tax.

What amendment gave congress the right to impose tax?

The 16th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution cleared the way for Income Taxes.