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The Battle of New Orleans was the last time Americans fought against the British. The Americans demanded that Great Britain stop kidnapping American sailors for slave like work aboard British ships.

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Q: Americans demanded what at New Orleans?
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The Americans demanded what at the New Orleans?

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Did the British capture New Orleans from the Americans in 1814?

No. The Americans successfully defended the city in the Battle of New Orleans, which was fought 2 weeks after the War of 1812 was declared ended.

Why has new Orleans been home to many different immigrants?

because new Orleans has been ruled by french,spanish and,Americans

Who opened the port of New Orleans to the Americans?

, Bernardo de Galvez

How many americans fought in the battle of new orleans?

OVER 6,000

Who did Americans defeat at the battle of New Orleans forcing an end to the war of 1812?

The Americans defeated the British

Who did the Americans defeat at the Battle of New Orleans forcing an end to the War of 1812.?

The Americans defeated the British

How might Americans history be different if France had sold New Orleans allowed American farmers to use the Mississippi River but kept the rest of the Louisiana territory?

Not that much different---Manifest Destiny would have demanded that America annex the territory, eventually.

What major battle did the Americans under Andrew Jackson win?

He defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans. It was a decisive victory and made him a national hero.

What port Americans wanted to us e to ship goods?

New Orleans

How many Americans and British died in the Battle of New Orleans?

The British had 431 killed and the Americans had 37 killed.

When was the editorial It's Time for a Nation to Return the Favor most likely written?

A resident of New Orleans urging Americans to help make New Orleans safe