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Q: Americas types of government following the Revolution was called?
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Which of following called for a stop to European colonization of the Americas?

The Monroe Doctrine called for a stop to European colonization of the Americas.

What is it called when you plan to overthrow the government?


What is an overthrow of government called?

Coup or revolution

What was Americas very first government called?

America's very first government was known as Continental Congress

What was the first government of the french revolution called?

It was called National Assembly.

A war in which people of a country overflows the government is called a what?

A Revolution

What is armed resistance with the intention of overthrowing a government called?


What is the peaceful change in Quebec's government called?

D.) The quiet revolution!

A sudden complete change in government is called?

That is an easy one! It is a Political Revolution

What is a sudden overthrow of a government?

It's usually called a coup d'etat.

What was the period of time called when Mao tried to eliminate anyone that criticized the government?

the Cultural Revolution

A policy of the South African government that was designed to keep the races separate and unequal was called?