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Rule of law.

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Popular sovereignty

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Q: An activist is protesting against her government. She claims that politicians are allowed to commit crimes without being arrested or put on trial. She demands that politicians should be treated exactl?
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Why susan b anthony arrested?

She was protesting for women's right to vote.

How many times was Cesar chavez arrested?

Ceasar chavez has been arrested 150 times for protesting his rights!

Why was martin Luther king jr arrested in June in 1964?

because he was protesting about segregation

When Thoreau wrote Civil Disobedience which event had just happened?

He had been arrested for protesting war and slavery.

What was an example of what happened under the alien and sedition acts?

Man was arrested for criticizing the government

What has the author Kee Beng Ooi written?

Kee Beng Ooi has written: 'Arrested reform' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Political leadership 'The reluctant politician' -- subject(s): Politicians, Biography

During what event did Martin Luther king jr get arrested for his participation?

got arrested becouse he was protesting boycots and stuff.

Where did Lincoln suspend the writ of habeas corpus?

People were mad that it was removed and so, it took the only thing they had, their rights. Ultimately, it gave the government the peoples lives. Life is a gift and cannot be taken away by someone with the same gift

What is an example of what happened during the alien and sedition acts?

a man was arrested for complaining about the government (apex)

Was Nelson Mandela in the army?

No. He was in a peaceful freedom movement throughout his life, and was arrested for protesting the lack of African rights. He was arguably thE most peaceful of world leaders.

Should the police be allowed to break up a peaceful protest?

Usually not for protesting, but if they break another law during the protest, they may be arrested for that.

Can the house of Congress or any member of Congress be arrested for trying to shutdown the Government?

There are no laws that state members of Congress can be arrested for shutting down the Government.