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That you'll never make everyone happy.

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Q: An alleged weakness of the majoritarian democratic model is its?
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What is a Majoritarian Model?

"Majoritarian politics' is democracy in the extreme. While in a democracy, the term 'majority rules' is accepted, often the wishes of a vocal minority are incorporated into laws being passed. In majoritarian politics, however, the majority does rule, and the wishes of the minority are typically disregarded.

The Mayflower Compact was an example of what kind of democracy or government?

Basically, it's a majoritarian model, meaning that the majority rules.

What have observers of real politics questioned in the majoritarian model's assumptions?

They have challenged the idea that citizens are knowledgeable and want to participate.

What is the difference between majoritarian politics and elitist politics?

The answer lies in who is deciding the political discourse of the state. In a Majoritarian model, the people make decisions through majority rule. In an Elitist model, however, the political decision making power rests in the hands of a small group that are deemed superior in either wealth, education, heritage, or all of the above.

Why was the Model T a democratic car?

how is the model t a democratic car

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Aristotle's model of communication?

The advantage of Aristotle's model of communication is that the communication process is broken down so it is easier for the speaker. A disadvantage is that he must know his audience well or the process won't work.

What major weakness in Thompson and model did Bohr correct?

Bohr corrected the major weakness in Thompson's model by proposing that electrons orbit the nucleus in specific, quantized energy levels rather than in a continuous spiral. This resolved the issue of why electrons do not radiate energy and fall into the nucleus, as described in Thompson's model.

Who did Jefferson and the Democratic Republican's want to model themselves after?

They wanted to be like the french

What is the seraration of powers?

The separation of Powers is an model for the government of both democratic and federate states.

What was the name of the most widely distributed car model of the German democratic republic?


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